Double Knit Heart Hot Pad

Awesome job! I envy people that can double-knit. I’m a coward hahahaha

I tried this and messed up on reading the chart. It says to cast on 60 stitches, 30 for each side. If you slip the first stitch (I assume it’s the front and back first stitch) and you purl the last stitch with both colors, I did both together, the pattern is short one stitch. I must be reading it wrong. Can anyone help?

Nice job! Thats the next thing I want to learn: double knitting.

I re-read the instructions and realized I was purling the last two stitches together. When I tried it correctly, it’s not so hard and it’s coming out beautiful. I am making mine in yellow and white. I will post a photo when I’m finished. Double knitting is really cool…

Nice job. I did one of those too once and vowed “never again”, but I later did a couple of DK hats and it was fun, although a challenge.

Your hot pad is pretty. Blue is nice instead of the standard red. I totally relate to the starting over four times. :slight_smile: Dk is hard to get your head around at first. Congratulations.

ok I have now tried this eight times… I have tried starting with white first with the cast on then tried with red cast on first… I have created something but it is definitely not the solid colors thats supposed to be on pad.I have the correct number of sts to be worked of 58 and sl first st and purl last.

I too am having issues, I think I have the technique correct but when I examined the chart it only has 29 stitches. Where is the chart ignored? the slipped first stitch (making the first chart stitch number two on the needles) or the always purl the last stitch with both colors? plus when they refer to a “stitch” do they mean the first one on each side or just the first one on the facing side?

My swatch I have been practicing with looks ok but my edges are ugly I must be doing something wrong.

I would appreciate any help you can provide! Thanks!

:knitting: (I love this emoticon, I wish it was available on all forums)