Double Knit Heart Hot Pad

:happydance: Sooo…
I finally learned double knitting and how in the WORLD to read that chart, and made the double knit hot pad!! I had to start over 4 times, but I finally got it.

Good for you! Great job.

Your avatar is so funny.

Very pretty!!

That’s great! I want to try double-knitting too someday. In fact, I’ve been keeping this and double-knit heart and star scarves in mind. Someday.

Very nice! I really do like the blue and white together!

Now, are you going to join the double-knit BLANKET-KALthat starts in June!?? I think you are up-to-it!!!

That’s very nice! Love the color combo :thumbsup:

Great job nicoleheather!! Where can I find the pattern for this hot pad or for double scarfs?

Keep up the good work. FYI, double knitting is great for baby blankets!:cheering:

great job, it’s a really cute hot pad and you got to learn something new too, perfect combo.

That’s really neat- I have never tried that!

Very cool!

You did a great job!!! Beautiful!

The pattern is right on the KH patterns page, under “Dishcloths and Potholders”.
Not sure about scarves, though.
Thanks for the tip about baby blankets, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind! :thumbsup:

That’s really pretty! This is one of the skills I want to learn this year! Glad you made it through your newest challenge!!!

:yay:Congrats! It looks wonderful

I haven’t gotten around to learning to double knitting, but that just makes me want to try it!

It’s amazing how many things you can learn from Knitting. I love the pattern

Good job! I’ve made one of those too. My first thought was that it would be easier to make two and sew them together, but DK is fun. It is nice to see one in different colors, I was expecting red and white. :slight_smile:

your hotpad is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

Good work.
I wanted to do this as well for my first double knitting project, but got discouraged by the many stitches. So I did a much smaller heart shape, but yours looks good.
Maybe I should make one as well.

Great job! Love the colour.