Double-Knit Hat

I finished this a while back, but only recently took a photo of it. I have started another, this time based on a pattern using circular needles.


Great job!! Love the color striping!

Hey, great job! Since you state that it’s double knit, am I correct in assuming it’s entirely reversible? What’s on the inside, opposite colors? Regardless, it looks just wonderful from this side!

Thank you, Wanda!


Thank you for your favourable comments, Artlady! Actually, no, it is not reversible. That kind of double-knit uses 2 colours simultaneously, whereas this was tubular double-knit which is knitting in the round on 2 straight needles. So, the colours look the same on the outside and on the inside.

My daughter hasn’t worn the hat yet, but I am hoping that she will, or I may be asking her to give it back lol.


I think technically that means it’s just knit in the round on straights not double knit. Double knit usually refers to something that is reversible and it doesn’t have to use two colors. It’s also a weight of yarn.

I like your hat though! :thumbsup:

Hi Jan, glad you like the hat, even if you do think it’s not double-knit lol. It is tubular double-knit, which produces a tube on straight needles and which is considered to be a kind of double-knitting. I am in a double-knitting Yahoo group where tubular double-knitting is accepted as one of the forms of double-knitting.

Have a great new year with lots of knitting success!


I think since it doesn’t produce a double sided fabric the term is confusing, but as long as you know what you’re doing it’s all good. :teehee:

Happy New Year to you, too!

Actually Jan, this is a very acceptable use of the term “double knit”.Double knitting doesn’t have to mean that it’s a twice as thick piece of fabric [I]and[/I] stuck together at the end like with pot holders.It can be knit as two and separated at the end [I]or[/I] stuck together.For example, knitting two socks at a time on DPNs is considered double knitting because you are technically working two fabrics at once, even though they disconnect at the end.Tubular counts because it is essentially two pieces of knitting connected in the round and dec’d/inc’d along the way.

:slight_smile: OP: You are a pretty boss knitter.Looks like something I’m going to want to try soon as all I’ve double knit is a two color hot pad and a key chain >_> DPNs and circs are great,but it’d be nice to be able to say I can tubular double knit, right?

Thank you, Meow! Yes, you should try tubular double-knitting. If you join the Yahoo Double-Knitting group you’ll find some basic instructions for it there. I started off with phone/ipod covers, but you can adapt a lot of things. Unfortunately there are not many patterns out there, but I can send you the basic pattern for the covers I do after we get back from our vacation. Basically you work one slip one all across the row and that creates a tube as if by magic!

Happy knitting!