Double knit hat please

I found this pattern that I want to attempt to make. Well…I will be using a graph I made for the design.

This maybe a silly question but…with the cast on stitches…do I cast on 112 pair of stitches or 112 stitches total?

I do know that with double knitting, 2 stitches are counted as 1 but I’m not sure about casting on. I’m thinking it would be 112 cast on pairs of stitches.

Thanks in advance.

Cute idea and warm.
Cast on [U]112 sts[/U] as indicated for the size you’re making. The pattern repeat is 8sts and to get that repeat you will actually be working 16sts: 8knits and 8purls.
It was a good question.

So it will be 112 total stitches?

Yes, that’s correct.
Should be fun to knit.

Thanks so much!!