Double-knit blanket

I am about to get started on a blanket for the many babies in the family, and am following a pattern from ( I am new to double knitting, however, and have a question. The center of the blanket is double-knit, with a garter stitch border. I just did a practice swatch, (K1 MC, p1 CC) and the border in MC. It “looks” like it should, but the CC side is not attached to the border? Do I need to twist the stitches when I reach the border?

Thanks a lot!!!

I’m working on a double knit scarf right now and for a few rows, I forgot to twist the yarn. Now there’s holes on each side that you can poke your fingers in. :doh: The yarn needs to be twisted together at the beginning of the row.

Hold the color your stopping over to the left and then knit or purl with the new color, bring it up over the old yarn. They’ll twist automatically. Check out Amy’s video on intarsia if you want a visual.