Double increase

I am knitting a ruffle bottom tunic for my grand daughter and need some guidance with the ruffle. Have taken stitches off provisional cast on and now directions say "knit, inc 2 sts in each stitch"
I know how to do a single increase by knitting in front and back of a stitch but not sure how to increase eachs stitch by 2 for the ruffle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Usually it gives an explanation somewhere in the pattern for unusual techniques. Near the top maybe where the gauge, etc is?

You could do a double increase by doing a knit front, back and front again, similar to a kfb. A knit, yo, knit is a slightly easier way to do this and I think it looks neater.

Thanks think I will try both on some scrap yarn and see what seems to work best. Thank you so much for your help.