Double Increase stitch

Hi everyone…I am working a “double increase” st, " work inc fr and bk loop, then pick up bar “beneath” the st just worked ":?? The double increase isn’t looking too good!!! :roflhard: Anyone have a better Dbl Inc??? I checked the glossary (this site) before I posted this… :muah:

That’s an awkward one, but I think it just needs to be practiced and will look better once you do more stitches and rows.


Use Elizabeth Zimmermann’s- Make 2 backward loops, facing opposite directions, on the right hand needle.

So, Contiknitter, just skip the part about k in b and front of loop??? and make 2 new sts??? That will give me a dbl inc :shrug: :hug: Thanks

You could knit into the front back and front again.

Yup, just make sure you make them facing opposite directions. Any double increase will do in place of that. Plus Knit in back and front leaves a bump on the right side.