"double increase" question

a pattern from Vogue’s wonderful “Cables” book – “Votives” calls for a “double increase” – always on the right side of the fabric.

the definition: “K in back of st in row below, then in back of st on LH needle, with LH needle pick up left side of same st in row below and K1 tbl in this strand to make 3 sts.”

i think it is similar to Amy’s videos for KLL and KLR – but, the result leaves a big hole! when the fabric should be solid… any ideas what i might be doing wrong?

thanks –

Have not used that one personally, but you’re right that it is similar to a lifted increase – it just has an extra step to make it a double increase (3 stitches out of 1) instead of a single increase (2 out of 1). Stanley calls it a “double lifted increase” (makes sense) and advises to “work very loosely or it could pull.” Maybe you could try loosening up a little bit to see whether that helps reduce the size of the hole.

thanks Jane –
i’ll try loosening up a bit –