Double Inc question

Hi everyone…haven’t been around in awhile! Been deligently working on an afghan for a wedding present! It’s 25 individual blocks of awesome designs… Will post a pic later…Here’s the question…I am on a row…K3,P14,P2tog, for [B]double increase[/B],K inc,pick up and K in horizontal bar below st just worked;P2tog,P14,K3 so here’s the dilemma, the “inc” that they suggestion is k in the f and b of the stitch…so after I do that “inc” I can not find a “horizontal” bar below the stitch just worked!!! any help?

Hi and welcome back!
I just tried this and the horizontal bar below the stitch is the back loop of the stitch in the row below. I picked this up on the left needle and knit into it and it made a pretty neat increase. (This is assuming ihe stitch below is a knit stitch.)

Thanks for the speedy reply!!! And that worked!:muah: