Double decreases

In shaping sleeves, instructions call for 2 dec at each side for several rows. My book says to simply k 3 sts tog to dec 2 sts. Is there a neater way, particularly a way to slant in different directions?

The slanting won’t matter on a sleeve, of course, because this part will be under the arm, but if it were a neckline or other visible area, I’d like to know the neatest way to dec 2 sts and slant them nicely.

You can do a k2tog/ssk or ssk/k2tog and/or put a single knit stitch between either of those two if you want. There’s several methods for a double decrease; I don’t think they’re demonstrated here, but you can google “double decrease” +knit and get a bunch of sites, I bet.


There is one here in the glossary called sk2p. Slip one stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over.