Double Decrease clarification needed

Hi, Everyone!
I just got myself a cute little book called One Skein Wonders and there’s something I don’t understand. They describe a Double Decrease like this:
Slip 2 stiches together knitwise ontp the right needle
Knit the next stitch
Slip 2 previously slipped stitches together over the knitted stitch.
The center stitch should lie on top.

I don’t understand how the center stitch can lie on top. It seems to me the first stitch would be lying on top.
What am I missing here?:knitting:

If you slip the two stitches together knitwise, then you have changed the order of the stitches on your right needle, so the center one is now to the right of the 1st one, and when you slip them over the knitted left stitch, the (originally) center stitch will be on top of the (originally) 1st stitch.

Maybe I’m not understanding how to slip the two stitches together knitwise because I still don’t understand. If you slip them together, don’t you put the needle into the second stitch and then the first and then slip tothe right needle? So then I still see the first stitch as furthest to the right from the knitted stitch.

trust me - it works.

slip two stitches together knitwise. The knit 1 stitch, thenpass the slipped stitches TOGETHER over the stitch just knit. the original right hand sitch will lie UNDER the original left hand stitch and the center stitch will lie on TOP - making a nice VERTICAL line.

Oh I think I see where I am wrong. I slip the needle into the second stitch on the left needle. Then into the first stitch on the left needle. When I move them both to the right needle, then the order is reversed. Right?

You got it! :slight_smile:

Thank you Abbily and MMario! I don’t know what I’d do without this forum!

I don’t know what I’d do without it either! :slight_smile:

You slip them as if you were going to k2tog, only don’t knit. That makes the left stitch of the two lie on top. So when you knit the next st and slip those 2 back, it’s still on top.