Double Cast On

How do you do a double cast on? I have checked my books and there is no mention of it. I am trying to do a premie cap, also I am fairly new to knitting.

"[B]Starting with a single loop, which counts as a knit st, double cast on 36 sts in (k1 P1) rib pattern on 3 needles.[/B]

Thanks for the help,

It the same as a longtail CO. It’s called a double CO because you have two yarn strands instead of one, like a knitted or cable CO.

I am still a little confused by the instructions, sorry. Do I CO 36 sts, then start (k1 P1). CO 36 in (K1 P1) has thrown me.

You can CO in ribbing, but doing a regular CO will work too.

At the top of the page under basic techniques are instructions for long tail/double cast on. Most people just cast on normally in long tail and then start the ribbing. It looks fine that way. :wink:

Jan thank you so much for the info. I am fairly new to knitting and have trouble with some of the pattern instructions. The basic techniques section is wonderful. Had not found it yet.