Double cast on

how do you know how many inches or so do you need the tail to be?
and can you use that cast on on knitting in the round

yes you can use it and i read somewhere that if you wrap your yarn loosely around the shaft of the needle once for every stitch it should be pretty close to what you need to cast on.

I use the long tail cast on for almost everything including items in the round. I estimate how long the tail needs to be by wrapping it around the needle 10 times. Give yourself a little extra at the end to weave in. I sometimes end up with too much, but it’s better than not having enough…especially when you need to cast on 200+ stitches! :lol:

If I have hundreds of stitches to cast on, I use two balls–a strand from each and cut one off when I’m done.

see i have heard you say that before Ingrid and i just don’t get it… :??

What I have done before is tie the two ends together and use one strand as my ‘main yarn’ and one as my ‘tail.’ I think what I’m going to do when I get my next batch of wool is to spit-felt the ends of two balls together and do it that way–no extra knot. Just think of one of the balls as a really long tail.

i always multiply the width of my item x 3 (roughly) for my tail amount, then add a little extra to be safe. sometimes i use the finished measurement number, but usually i just do some quickie calculations with the gauge --> if my gauge is, say, 24 st/4 in and i’m supposed to cast on 100 st (about 16 inches), i would use 5 ft or so to start (16in x 3 = 48in +12 in to spare).

if i have a lot of stitches to cast on, i take my guesstimated amount of tail yarn and put a slip knot at the halfway point of it (or sometimes a quarter of the way if it’s really a lot), then start my cast on. if i get through half (or a quarter) of my stitches and still haven’t hit the slipknot, i know there’ll be enough for the whole row.

Thanks a lot and i started to make my first project but then doubted. um its a beannie hat and ll it has are k2tog decreases should i do it or should i knit a plain scarf

:figureditout: Brilliant!! :heart: