Dots & Dashes Pattern

Having problems with this. Are there any videos out there? For example: I knit the first 2 stitches. slip 2 stitch. Then it say with yarn in front knit 2 stitches. Do I pull the yarn to what I consider the front, in front of the needles facing me. Being where I can see it. When I do this I am adding stitches. Since the yard is still at the back of the needles when you slip the 2 stitches is that considered the front.

Hope this makes sense.


Post the pattern so we can see it. Its hard to get what your saying from the description. Sometimes other parts of the pattern help to determine whats gonna happen later so we can see what happens on the part you are stuck on.

Yes, the front is the side that’s facing you whether it’s the RS or WS at the time. You probably shouldn’t be adding sts… maybe the pattern reads “k2, slip 2 wyif…” and should then say something about bringing the yarn to the back before knitting the next 2 sts. Patterns will sometimes have the ‘yarn in front’ directions written after the slip 2 like this, instead of before it.

Make sure that when you bring the yarn to the front you are taking it between the needles and not over the top of the needle. If you go over the top you get extra stitches like a yarn over.