I’ve completed a knitted and felted purse. The strap is an I-chord but the directions did not show it should be felted. I thought it would make the strap stronger if felted but after doing the usual proceedure of washing the strap in the washer in hot water, it did not felt so I even put it in boiling water and boiled it for at least 30 minutes. It still didn’t felt. The colors are medium in color and the same yarn felted beautifully in the handbag. Anyone have any ideas?

You might need something to agitate it…I would prolly try it in the sink. Here is a link to some tips for felting in the sink :thumbsup:

The next time you make one, sew the I-cord to the purse/tote and then felt it. I’ve done this before and both the strap and tote felted beautifully. Only wish I had known this little tip before felting it…
the beginning and end of your I-cord strap should have about two inches of just regular garter stitch (or stockinette stitch). That way, not only will you be able to sew it to the bag better, but it will felt flat, or flush with the bag. If you don’t do this and just make the entire strap I-cord and sew it in that way, there will be noticeable bumps~~ it won’t felt flat. Shouldn’t be much of a problem to just knit for two inches, then switch to I-cord, then do the same at the end. Hope this helps.