Dora the explorer design wanted

[color=indigo][b][i][color=indigo][/color]:XX: HI from North Wales, UK

Does anyone know if there is a ‘DORA THE EXPLORER’ design? My almost 3 year old grand-dau loves her, and I would love to knit a jumper with dora on the front :smiley:

or maybe theres a clever knitter who could make up the design graph (I am not very clever at that sort of thing :frowning:

Help would be very much appreciated

Pam :smiley:


Found one!

[color=indigo][/color] :heart: WOW Ingrid, that was FAST work with your reply, [size=6][/size]THANK YOU[size=3][/size] :cheering:
You have made me a happy nitwit indeed, and I know my grand-dau will just love it!!! :thumbsup:

Have fun with it! Can’t deny the grandkiddies!

Omigosh! Those are cute! I gotta learn how to do intarsia or fair isle…or whatever this requires. :roflhard:

doooo eeeeet Jan! :wink:

Hey ! Not sure if you have started on you Dora yet, but I was just searching for charts and I came across this one and thought of you !

Hope that helps!!