Dopey sock question

i am way behind on posting dopey questions! here’s today’s. :wink:

socks in 100% wool (not superwash,) merino/silk blends, i.e. Gloss from KP, and other nonwashable feltable combinations of fiber… how do they wear? The yarn rep for malabrigo told us a story of it felting while in a box in the back of his car just from the movement of the car and sunshine so i’m thinking 100% merino socks on my toasty from 100% merino wool feet trodding around in some birkenstocks or leather clogs… hmmm. are those luxury unwashable sock yarns more for occasional wear or what’s the story?

thanks! :slight_smile:

I made a pair for me from 100 % worsted wool-not superwash, not merino. I don’t remember which brand it was, but something I’ve used before with good results. I handwashed, and had no problem with felting. But I now have a huge hole in one heel. From wear. I’ll post a picture later. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing them, because they were so very warm. For my next pair I’d be interested in whether there is a worsted made especially for socks. for myself, I want the heavier ones. Mostly I wear them at night with my slippers to keep my freezing feet warm. I’d love to hear any suggestions.

These are the pictures of my poor socks.

You could try picking up the stitches under the heel flap, then a few on each side and try to re-live the heel turn…you could seal it to the bottom of the sock with kitchener.

I’ve never done this yet myself, but I know the time is coming I’m going to have to figure out how…no wonder all our grandmothers had darning to do in the evenings…

Thanks. I’ll try this and let you know how it works. After Christmas probably.

i’m curious to hear the feedback on this one… i knitted my first pair ever of socks with a knitpicks yarn and the heels felted after wearing them once. I still wear them though …