Doorknob Cover

I just moved and the way I had to arrange my bedroom makes it so when I open the door it hits my dresser. I’d like to knit something to pad the doorknob so I don’t damage my dresser Does anyone know a pattern for a doorknob cover/cosey?

I don’t, but couldn’t you just knit a round dishcloth, maybe with eyelets around the edge, and then thread a ribbon through and tie it on? :think:

you would want to put something on the inside of the cozy that would grip the doorknob so you could still open it. like the grippy shelf liner. or it will just slip around and you won’t be able to turn the knob.

Since I keep the door open more often than not, it doesn’t really matter to me if I can’t really turn it.

What immediately jumps to mind is a hair accessory - a bun cover. I had one that was crocheted, I didn’t make it and so don’t have a pattern

That would SOOO be me!!! couln’t figure out WHY it wouldn’t open…sigh…lol