Don't you love coming homefrom work to knit stuff in the mail

I just got Sensual Knits in the mail today. I bought it solely based on the cover jacket on Amazon. oh the patterns inside are lovely!! I just love coming home from work and checking the mail and getting knitting stuff in the mail. :slight_smile: it just made my day. anyway just had to share my joy over the book.

Yes! I got some scrumptious dark purple Blue Sky Alpaca and some new Inox circs in the mail yesterday. Made me smile ear-to-ear!

ooh new yarn now i’m jealous!!

Anything bigger than a letter size envelope pleases me. New knitting stuff, new books, clothes, shoes. Love to know that something will be coming in the mail.

BTW, did you know that they are increasing the cost of stamps again in May? By 1 cent. :tap:

[SIZE=3]Yes, I love the brown truck and pakages in the mail. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Yesterday I got all excited about a package in my box. I couldn’t wait to get inside to open it. :waah: I had ordered some goldtoe otc socks for my SIL for christmas, they had back ordered them. I had forgotten about them it had been so long. At least he was happy :teehee:. I thought it was knitting stuff as I have some things on order :aww:.[/SIZE]

We had severe storms yesterday, though, so I’m convinced the mail carrier left my package on the truck. I’ve NEVER gotten a package when the weather is bad.

Hope to get it today!


Me too!! Last Friday I got my new Harmony needles from KnitPicks, and I was SOOOO excited!!! Couldn’t wait to cast on-I’m already working on my second project with them and they are soo lovely to work with! :teehee: My kids think I’m nuts-lol!

Your book sounds wonderful!! Don’t you just LOVE Amazon? hehe-it’s a great gas saver, too! Have fun with your new goodies!

IndyGgirl-LOL! Sorry, I know how you feel-I hate when I thinkI’m getting something great and it turns out to be DH’s computer books-UGH! What a disappointment :teehee:

Thanks for reminding me. I ordered Dominitrix off a seller on Amazon and never received it. Granted, I sent it to the wrong address (moved out of my parents’ in June and forgot to change the address since it hadn’t been an issue until a few months ago), but I emailed the seller to let them know the book would be bounced back and I would gladly pay them again for shipping.

No answer. I just emailed them again and hopefully we’ll get an answer this time. :confused:

Bet that was exciting! I just love it, too. This time of year, there are knitted and garden goodies! :cheering: :woot: :woohoo: SPRING is just around the corner, a month or so!!! Garden in the daylight, knit at night! :teehee:

Oh, yes! I got my package from Knitpicks yesterday, with my set of Harmony interchangeables and some Shimmer lace-weight alpaca/silk. Yee-hah!! Love the needles, yes I do. Love the yarn, just not sure I have any talent for lace yet, so I may yet double-strand and knit something less challenging with it!! Not only did I get my KP package, but I had also shared an order from Smiley’s with a friend last Thursday night, and we got that, too!! So I got 6 skeins of Jaeger Roma in a beautiful shade of mocha, filled in some extra Moda Dea Dream because I love it, and a couple of other things. My friend bought 2 of this and that and the other thing at $1-$1.50 a skein until she reached $25, so she has a lot of stuff to play with and sample and make caps and baby things with.

Anyway, the KP package took just about a week from Ohio to Tennessee, so much for how speedy and wonderful FedEx Smart Post is…but 1 week from KP via the free shipping does seem to be a record for great speed, so I’m not complaining!! Laughing, but not complaining - Smiley’s package was ordered a day later, came UPS Ground from New York City, and arrived the same day. Of course, Smiley charged me a fortune in shipping, but that’s not the point - speed is the point.

I have totally spoiled myself this week. I came home yesterday to my new Jordana Paige Knitting Satchel in Brick Red and I love it. yes this is a good week to be coming home to knitting stuff in the mail. :woot: :woot: