Don't you hate it when

you forget your bind-off needle! I’m working the Lizard’s Ridge afghan from Knitty, and I left my darn size 10 dpn at home so now I can’t bind off. I’ve got 5 hours left at work, and now I have to put the stupid work on waste yarn, and then waste my time when I get home putting it back on the needles just to bind it off. I wonder what size a #2 pencil ends up being? :teehee:

I need to start making a list of what I need before I come to work. Bleh.

I’ve heard that a ‘common pencil’ happens to be an 11! That’s pretty close! :wink:

you could just bind off with the pencil and forget about the scrap yarn - i bet your co-workers would think you were pretty impressive then, not that they don’t now :teehee:

If I do a tight bind-off, I bet that will work just fine. Woo-hoo!

If only I had co-workers. :rofl:

aahhh… you have co-slackers!! :rofl:

Ok - don’t shoot me if this is a stoopid question … why do you need a ‘bind off needle’ ? :?? Why don’t you use the needles you have been knitting with? :shrug: just wondering, I’ve never heard of using a different needle before

99% of the time I just use the needles I knit with and bind off loosely. If you can’t do that then you need to use a larger needle, Amanda.

Thank you - something to bear in mind in the future!