Don't understand

I am making a baby sweater and i have been increasing and it’s telling me to continue increasing and at the same time increase at both front edges on the right side. Please explain what to do.

It would help if you gave us a link to the pattern. There are thousands of sweater patterns so it’s not easy to go just by a short question.

That said…is it a V-neck? A raglan? Is it seamless or done in pieces? The edges could be increasing for a v-neck. Somewhere on your pattern it should say what increases they recommend where.

Are you making a cardigan? Or, are you working the front/back separately for a pullover?

Either way, you need to make matching/balanced increases on either side of your row/round (whichever the case may be).

A pattern name/link would be helpful.

I am making the Baby"s V necked Cardigan. On row14 ty

You’ve been increasing on the knit rows at the raglan line between the front and sleeve and at the back and sleeves. So row 12 is
K6,X, K2, X, K15, X, K2,X, K23, X, K2,X,K15.X, K2. X, K6. 81 stitches.
Now the instructions want you to increase at the front edges on the knit rows. The increases would be at the number signs:
#K6,X, K2, X, K15, X, K2,X, K23, X, K2,X,K15.X, K2. X, K6#
or you could place them one stitch in from the edge. You could do the same kind of increase that you have been doing for the raglan line or you could do an increase like this one.