Don't understand what to do next!

I just started Lydia in Hip Knit Hats and I don’t understand what I’m suppose to do next. The instructions read: Repeat rnds 1 and 2, each time adding an additional k st before each m1, until there are 9 (10) k sts before each m1 – 66 (72) sts.

Round 1 is knit all stitches, Round 2 is k1, m1 around.

Am I suppose to add another stitch each time do Round 2 – so essentially I am adding another knit stitch before I m1??

No, they’re telling you that when you knit round after making a m1 on the previous round, you’ll have one more k stitch to work.

So if the first round is k1, m1, then the next will be k2, m1, then k3, m1, etc., until you are up to k 9 (10), m1.

The round just before my questions was Round 6: K3, m1. On odd rows you are to k all. So my next even row would be K4, m1 . . . then the next even row would be K5, m1, etc., etc. I’ll write it out and see if I come up with 72 sts.

Thank you very much!