Don't understand the instructions

I am making a sweater. The initial instructions tell me to mark the 33rd stitch from each end and begin decreasing for 18 rows. The instructions for Row 19 are confusing. Row 19 begins increasing.

Row 19 (RS): *Knit to marked st, M1L, knit to marked st, M1R; rep from * once more, then knit to end of row.

I only have two marked stitches and no instructions as to where to mark any more stitches. I tried knitting through the two marked stitches, but it did not increase the proper amount. Row 20 instructions are to just purl across.

Can anyone help?

It certainly sounds like there should be 4 marked sts. Can you tell us the name and post a link to the pattern?

The name of the pattern is “Make Me Blush.” It is from the book, “perfectly plus” written by mary Arnold, Colleen East & Kristin Hansen. On the back of the book it has