Don't understand the instructions

My problem is not the knitting but the dang on instructions. Is there a book that teaches you how to understand this? Not the definitions, I got plenty of referencecs for that, but here is how I read this and you’ll understand my frustration.

After I finish row 2, on row 3 I knit all the way across. On row 4 I’m to do the even numbered stictch, where the heck do I place the stitch marker? Row one tells me to place it at the 12th stitch, but the other instructions give me nothing. So I started placing the marker evenly acroos and my finished product was a triangle and not a square. What am I reading wrong here?

Row 1: K12, place marker, k12

Even-numbered rows 2-20: Knit to 2 sts before m, k2tog, sl m,
k2tog tbl, knit to end - 2 sts dec’d; 4 sts rem after completeing row 20

Odd numbered rows 3-21: Knit

Row 22 k2tog, k2tog tbl-2 sts rem

you leave the marker where it is- you k2tog the last 2 stitches before the marker, slip it over to the other needle, then k2tog tbl the first 2 stitches after the marker. It sounds like you’re supposed to be making a triangle. Are there other directions before this?

I’m making blocks to put together so they should be squares. The small square are the instructions I typed here and that’s the full instructions. If I knew how to attache I would attach the instructions. But it’s the modern quilt wrap I found on Knittingdaily. Looking at the drawing they are all squares.

Those instructions don’t make sense. There is evidently some instructions missing. If you start with only 24 stitches and decrease 2 every other row you will end up with a triangle. It sounds like there are steps missing at the beginning.
It would make more sense that you start with 4 stitches and increase alternate rows by 2 stitches until you have 24 stitches and then start the decreasing. Can you look for errata on the pattern?

OK I’ll go back to the website and search for corrections. I read through the instructions and nothing is mentioned. I’ll come back and post what I find. Thank you for helping me. So happy I can come here.

There is something completely wrong with these instructions. I went and looked at the pattern on knittingdaily, and a) it does say that it has been corrected (oh, really?!?!?) and in the comments, only 1 person says they’ve actually made it. But it comes from a book, and maybe she got the pattern directly from there?. . . I don’t know, I looked at it thoroughly, plus the diagrams, and there’s just no way you’re going to get that design from the instructions. It does, indeed, make triangles. I’d contact the designer, Mags Kandis, directly, at .

No, I think it’s right, you’re making mitered squares. The cast on edge makes 2 sides of a square, the decreases in the middle will form the other 2 sides of the square.

Once you’ve placed your marker, it will stay there. As you knit across any row, when you get to the marker just slip it over to the other needle and continue knitting.

When you get to row 3, your stitch marker is still in the middle of the stitches. It will always stay there, in the middle of however many total stitches there are. You’ll knit across to 2 stitches before the marker, then knit 2 tog, slip the marker over, then knit 2 tog again, then knit to the end.

I agree, it sounds like a pattern for mitered squares. They may look something like a diamond, but when put together will look more squarish.

if you read the posted correction at knittingdaily, it’s just the color sequence on square #4 that is being changed.

The overall square directions will still give you a square. The cast on stitches give you 2 sides of the square. Doing decreases in the middle, every other row forces the 2 selvedge sides to form the other 2 sides of the square.

OH thank you, thank you…since I’m new, I always practice before I start just so I can research anything I may not understand. So tonight I’ll work it again keeping the maker in place and then I’ll knit the larger square and put it together to see what I get.

Just an update. I made a practice run last night of this pattern and thanks to all your help I now understand what needs to be done. I was a little confused as to how I’m suppose to CO 12 sts then pick up one of the squares and knit evenly across. Since the instructions clarified that I should end with 24 sts on the needle I realized what I should do at that point. Today I’m going to purchase my yarn so I can start the project.

Glad that you now understand it! Have fun finding your yarn ! There are lots of choices out there!