Don't understand stitich

I am making a baby blanket with heart motifs with hearts with yarn overs and such. I have come to the following direction:
with left needle bring second st on right needle over first st and off the needle

I jsut cannot picutre this

It’s like doing a bind off - pass the 2nd st over the first needle.

Duh, I really feel dense now, why couldn’t I see that

It’s probably been a while since you read the instructions for a bind off that it didn’t connect that it’s the same thing.

I never even considered it since it is in the middle of the pattern but now that I see it is a bind off I understand the whole pattern of bind offs and increases that are not yarn overs

Sorry to say, it didn’t work, I still wind up with a stray stitch, I put the line directions in another message maybe it will make more sense that way