dont understand pattern

When piece measures 9-10-11-12-13 cm start inc for sleeves. Loosely inc new sts in each side every 2nd row (i.e. at end of each row): 1 st 1-4-6-5-8 times, 2 sts 5-4-2-4-2 times, 3 sts 2-1-1-1-1 times, 5 sts 2-2-2-1-1 times and then 10 sts 1 time = 144-146-148-150-154 sts. Can you explain how to do this please.Breda

These increases which are really cast ons, are every other row at each end of the row. You can use a backwards loops for these cast ons.
I’ll use the smallest size as an example.
For the smallest size, cast on 1stitch as the beginning and one at the end of row 1.
Cast on 2sts at the beg and end of rows 3,5,7,9 and 11.
Cast on 3sts beg and end of rows 13 and 15.
Cast on 5sts beg and end of rows 17 and 19.
Cast on 10sts beg and end of row 21.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you so much, its an American pattern on Garnstudio the number is PP-006


Lovely looking sweater.

Thank you, I only started back knitting again but didn’t realise it was an American pattern so couldn’t understand why the needles were so big and the wool
so small, but then realised it was in American needle sizes. I picked it as its easy but just didn’t understand the increase system. So thank you for your help. Breda

The Drops patterns are usually translations so it’s good to check which language (even British vs American English) is used in your pattern. As long as the needle size you’re using is giving you the correct gauge, you should be fine. Enjoy!

Im struggling again, got the increase for the sleeves right, never would have understood it. But now im at the neck, can you explain the following please

When the piece measures 26-28-30-31-33 cm – read Measuring tips – K (on wrong side row) over the center 18-18-20-20-20 sts (knit the remaining sts the same
as before). On the next row bind off the center 14-14-16-16-16 sts for the neck. Put sts on one side on a st holder.

1st side: = 65-66-66-67-69 sts. Continue in stockinette st and 2 sts in garter st at side – at the same time dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 4 times
– see knitting tips above = 61-62-62-63-65 sts remain on shoulder + sleeves

After the center bind off, you’re going to be working one shoulder (called “one side” in the pattern) at a time. Continue by knitting across the right shoulder (right as you would wear the sweater) turn and purl back. At the beginning of the next row, at the neck edge, work a decrease. The decrease repeats every RS row four times.
The Notes mention a garter stitch edge at the neck and place the decreases after this 2 sttich garter edge at the neck.

Let me know if this isn’t the confusing part.

Thank you


Row 1 (WS): knit (still smaller needles).

Row 2 (RS): change to your larger needles

Sl1, * P2, Inc 1-to-5, P2, K1* repeat 5 times, P3 (54 sts)

Row 3 (WS): Sl1, K2,P1, K9 repeat 5 times , P1

Row 4 (RS): Sl1, * P9, K1* repeat 5 times, P3

Row 5 (WS): Sl1, K2,P1, K9 repeat 5 times , P1

Row 6 (RS): Sl1, * P9, K1* repeat 5 times, P3

Row 7(WS): Sl1, K2,P1, K9 repeat 5 times , P1


Can you explain this in easier terms please

Thank you


I don’t see this in the same Drops pattern. Where are you in the pattern?

It’s a new pattern

Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

The pattern may define what “Inc 1-to-5” is, possibly an increase of 4sts from 1 stitch.
The portion within the asterisks is to be repeated for the given number of times. For example, in row 2, the (P2, Inc 1-to-5, P2, K1) is repeated 5 times. That’s P2, Inc 1-to-5, P2, K1;
P2, Inc 1-to-5, P2, K1;
P2, Inc 1-to-5, P2, K1 and so on.

(I use parentheses here because the forum software italicizes text within asterisks so it can be confusing to use them.)

Thank you so much