Don't understand pattern! please help!

okay. so the pattern seems simple. but i dont really understand what its telling me to do,.
Row 1; Using A, cast on 24 sts.
Row 2: Sl 1, k to end
Row 3: Sl 1, p to end
Continue working in St st, slipping first st of every row until you have used three skeins of A.
Bind off

So i dont get what it means by Sl, 1.
and Slipping first st? I know st is stich. But whats slipping it?
and what’re tree skeins?

Thanks so much! I’m clueless! :heart:


When it says sl1, all that means is that your are moving that stitch from one needle to another without working it. Just pu your right needle into the stitch like you are going to knit it but instead just take it off the needle and put it one the right needle.

The three skeins is how much yarn your are using. 1 skein is 1 ball of yarn so they want you to continue the pattern until you use 3 of them.

I hope this helped you and didnt confuse you. If you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask.

woah, that helped alot! THanks so much!
I reallly appreciate it!

One little note- usually, unless it specifically says to slip the stitch “knitwise”, you put your right needle into the stitch as if to purl , but don’t purl it, just move it to the right needle. The difference is in how the stitch is oriented on your needle. Slipping as if to purl will keep the “front” leg in front, slipping as if to knit will move the front leg to the back and turn your stitch around.

This sounds like a scarf–is it?

it’s being worked in stocking knit (knit 1 row, purl the next)

it will not remain flat. you can block it flat, but it will curl up at the least bit of humidity.

the side edges will roll in, the bottom edges will roll up.

before continuing, ask your self, is this what i want?

yes it is a scarf. I’m just playing around, and re-learning, so i dont mind that it curls up.

I have a few more questions.
so I’m using The Cable Method to cast on my stitches
but my pattern says " Using A, cast on 24 Sts"
What is the A?
i have tried to look in the book, and couldn’t find anything.

so i just tried susing the cable method. I casted 24 stitches on, and everything looks fine.
The next step is to Sl 1 , K to end.
and as previous people posted, that means you just slip 1 and knit to end.
so when i slipped the first one, and tried to knit the second one, it didnt work.
it just dropped my stitch. so it made it so i have 23 stitches on…
i dont know if this is because i used the Cable Method? Or if i’m just doing things wrong…
Thanks so much.

okay i’ve been doing the cable method wrong!

But i still don’t know, WHat is Using A?
is it a specific method of casting on?
Ah. thanks in advance, once again!

If you look at the yarn for the pattern there’s probably 2 or more colors and one will be called `A’. If you’re using more than one color, pick one as your main one and CO with it. If you only have one, ignore all references to A, B and whatever and just do that with your color. If it says to cut A though, don’t just keep knitting with it.

ohhh okay. Thanks so much!