don't understand patt 25

Hi, my name is Linda and I’m new to the forum and also a fairly new knitter. I’m having trouble with a part of the hat pattern and am hoping someone out there can tell me what to do. The pattern I’ve been working is as follows:
1st row - K1, *P4, K1, rep from * to last st, K1.

2nd row - P2, *K4, P1, rep from * to end.

Rep last 2 rows once.

5th row - K1, P1, *K2, P3, rep from * to last 5 sts, K2, P2, K1.

6th row - P1, K2, *P2, K3, rep from * to last 4 sts, P2, K1, P1.

Rep last 2 rows once.

Last 8 rows form patt for rem.
I have done all that and am supposed to shape the crown. The first row says the following:
K1, *P1, K2tog, patt 25 , sl 1, K1, psso, rep from * to last st.
I understand everything except the patt 25. I know patt means pattern, but what pattern am I supposed to do? Every row of the main pattern is different. ? Help!
Thanks, Linda

Hi and welcome to KH!
The 8 rows that you have been repeating will continue through the decreases. You’ll have to take the decreases into account so you won’t be able to follow the rows precisely as given.
Look at the previous rows to make sure that you continue the stitch pattern. You don’t want that pattern to jog or misalign.
If you start the decreases after row 4 of the pattern then the next row is row 5 of the pattern stitch.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you so much for your help. I think I understand it now. The pattern is just called “Red Heart Textured Beanie, Man - Forest/Raspberry”. I got it off the Internet and picked it because it was easy and called for some yarn I already had. I’ll keep your instructions at hand for when I get to that part again. I messed up and couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I ripped it out back to the ribbing :frowning:
I think I’ve got it now. Thanks again!

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