Don't understand instructions

Instructions say “…pick up next thread between stitches and place it on left hand needle, then knit 1 stitch on back thread of this loop and another stitch on fron thread of loop (thus increasing 2 stitches).”

I tried this a number of ways but just am not getting it. I’m pretty new to knitting.[/quote]

You need to pick up with your left needle from the front the horizontal strand that runs between the 2 st. Use your right needle to knit through the back of that new loop, then without sliding that st off the left needle, knit also into the front loop as you usually would, then slide both of those new st off the left needle. If you go [color=blue]here[/color], there’s a video on Make One Front, about halfway down on the right side. The m1f will only give you one extra st, it is by leaving it on the needle and knitting into the front that you get a second st out of it.

i hate this method…

instead, i take working yarn and make a script letter e cast on(simple cast on stitch) on right needle. pull the cast on stitch as tight as you can.

this make one is easier, and identical.

just me sure to make it a tight cast on.