Don't understand Cable Panel

I’m trying to make a blanket for my husband’s birthday and so I picked a cable blanket. I didn’t understand the pattern at first but I thought as I kept going it would make sense. That was not the case.

I CO’d 132 stitches and did all the rows for the instructions labeled ‘Blanket’, all 10 rows, then the instructions say ‘cable panel is now in position’, but the cable panel is only 24 stitches wide. If I just repeat the cable panel it ends up being 144 stitches, but the instructions are for 132 stitches not 144. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do at this point so I would appreciate help greatly!

Thank you in advance.

Here is the link for the pattern I’m working with:

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The instructions are to complete 8 rows of the wide rib pattern. Now you should start the cable panel with row 1: k2, (k12, c12f, p2) 3 times, p2, k12, c12f, k2.
Work rows 2-12 as the wide rib (knit the V sts and purl the bumps) and then on row13, work another cable panel. This row, the cable is shifted to the first 12 sts in the group of 24sts.
Gorgeous blanket.

Each column of 24 stitches is separated by little columns of K2 or P2. So if you have 5 sections of 24 stitches each that will be 120 stitches. Then there will be 6 groups of 2 stitches in between the cables and 1 at each end. That’s 12 stitches. Add the 120 and 12 and you get the 132.

When you do the cable panels work them on the 24 stitch sections only.

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I wanted to add that your next rows will continue to follow the section called “cable panel”. You have already done rows 1 and 2, so you will continue with rows 3 and 4 and so on.


So if I’m understanding correctly, i follow the cable panel instructions, knit RS, purl WS in repeating patterns? I just K2/P2 then panel instructions and repeat until the end of the row, knit the sides and cable row 1 and 13?

You should have repeating ribs of k24 with p2sts between the ribs. On each side instead of k24, k26:
On row 1 of the cable pattern, work the chart on each of the knit sections: