Don't Try This At Home!

I’m knitting a pair of socks for my son, he requested shorty (crew for the correct teenage verbage) socks, and I thought this pattern would work out fine, with a few extra rows for foot length. I did the ole gauge x ankle = CO, and thought all was cool.
Granted I’m working with Super Soft 100% Premium Acrylic, on 2.25 mm and all seemed to be going ok.

…Then I get the bright idea :thinking: to re-enforce the heel.
So I added another thread of Acrylic (Super Soft different color) at the Top of the Heel flap. Knitted for thirty rows with both strings, Turned the Heel… to find out…

That the thing will STAND UP by itself!

Poor kid would have his foot rubbed raw with this monstracity.

Please do not, I repeat Do Not try this at home.

Frog’s the Word :XX:

HAHA that’s so funny. The poor kid wont ever ask for anything again! Even my husband got a laugh out of. ahhhh thanks for the advice!


:rofling: :roflhard: We’ve all tried things that just don’t seem to work out, don’t feel rained on :wink:

My husband just suggested I should make a pouch out of it. Would be odd looking, with ribbing, and one side in white ( I had started the gusset before I stood the creature upright) but who knows? Actually, I Could decrease it down, attach a long icord, and use it to tote my cell phone around. On To with the Almost Frogged/Never Try This At Home/Creature Pouch!

zzzziss may work out~ :lol:

So funny! :roflhard: