Don't quite understand what I did wrong!

I’ve just taken up knitting and decided to teach myself using various resources from books and the internet. Was ecstatic to complete my first row until I realised that I had an extra string that the books and videos don’t have. Its the string from the slip knot, it was left on the left hand needle after my last stitch. Can anyone help in pointing out where I’ve gone wrong? I used a long tail cast on and was attempting a knit stitch. Thanks in advance!

After the first knitted row with longtail cast on, the last stitch to be worked on the left needle should be the slip knot. Knit that stitch too as part of the row. The tail from the longtail cast on should be at the end of the right needle, back at the beginning of the knitted row. If you didn’t snug up the first stitch cast on after the slip knot, that might give you a bit of a thread before the slip knot.

Tried to stitch it but unfortunately the thread between was too long (about 2 inches!). Started over again and managed to do it this time :slight_smile: Now I’m attempting the purl stitch, quite addictive trying to figure it out! Thanks for your help!

If you can post a picture (no larger than 800x600 pixels) it can help us figure it out.

I think I did this right, this should be a picture of it.[/IMG]

Well, yes, it does look like a lot of ends and loops. Have you watched a video for long tail cast on? There are several online and one on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page under Cast On. You should finish the cast on with two ends, one the working yarn which is connected to the ball of yarn and one the original yarn end both at the pointed end of the needle.
I’d give it another try, working it along with a video.

You’ll get it, just keep trying. Your stitches look right and when you get the long tail cast on figured out, you’ll be on your way. I had a horrible time with the long tail cast on at first but finally got it. I’ve learned lots of things from videos and find that I often have to look at several different ones before it all comes together for me.