Don't like those buttonholes!

I’m doing this cardi

I decided to add a couple more button holes in the garter edge, now I’m a bit further down I’ve realised the line is going to look wrong with 3 buttons,:gah: the buttonholes were done by casting off 2, then casting back on, is there any way I could sew the extra holes up without it being obvious? I really don’t want to frog the whole thing!! I was thinking a kitchner stitch type thing but would that work with a cast off and on edge?


hmm … could a duplicate stitch across the botton hole work?

whilst looking at my cardi in the light I realised I’d picked up a new ball, same dye lot, slightly different colour! Up in the yoke!!! Gutted, frogged! Will start again, think it was going to be too small anyway