Dont laugh but

what’s intarsia? :think:
isn’t it just like colorwork knitting?
i’ve never actually had it defined for me before, but i see it everywhere.

you don’t know what intarsia is?

oh wait… I don’t know either. : )

Intarsia is used for large blocks of color within a knitted pattern. Unlike fair isle you don’t carry the yarn across the knitting, you twist the strands together at the edges so there won’t be holes.

It’s a type of colorwork where you knit a section with 1 color, drop it, pick up the next color, knit it and drop it, and pick up the next color and so forth [B]without [/B]carrying the unused yarn across the back. When you carry the unused yarn along the back, that is stranded colorwork (fair isle is a type of stranded colorwork). For intarsia, you may have to have several bobbins of the same color. You do intarsia when you want large blocks of color, so that there are too many stitches of one color to make carrying the unused color across the back practical.


The back of a piece of intarsia work

ahh, okayy! :figureditout: that’s what i thought it was- i just didnt know that there was a difference between stranded colorwork and intarsia. thanks :slight_smile: