Don't know what to do with this

I am making a hat for my son. It’s this pattern. I made this pattern once before and knitted it flat and it came out great. This time I changed it to circulars so I wouldn’t have to seam it. Every where I decreased, even though I pulled the stitches quite tight, I’m getting a gap that gets wider and wider as I go along. Hopefully you can see from the pic. It’s still on the circulars and about to go to DPNs … but … what should I do? Frog back to before the decreases? Go to the DPNs and finish and try to sew up the gaps? What did I do wrong? :shrug:

You probaly should have already changed to the dpns or used a variation of Magic loop cause I think it’s from the sts being stretched, not the decrease. The sts should even out when you wash it though.

Ah, I see. I probably shouldn’t have done the last decrease or two without switching to DPNs. This is my first circular project so I had to learn when to stop. Thanks suzeeq!

You can actually use one or two dpns along with the circ if you think you have too many sts for the dpns alone. Just think if the circ as a long dpn; knit about a third of the sts with it, knit some onto one of the dpns, then knit some more with the circ, then use another dpn if you want.