Don't know what I did wrong, HELP PLEASE!!!!

I just finished a blanket for a friend, when I got to the last 20 stitches I realized it was let’s say not perfect LOL!!! It wasnt “square” but I know with having issues with my 1 hand it wouldn’t be perfect. I could live with it if when I folded it in half it was off maybe 1/2 inch but it’s off about 3!!! What did I do wrong? At first I was concerned my cast on was the issue but not that far off. I know I have to start over :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: but considering how long the blanket is I don’t want to have this problem again.

Do you still have the same amount of stitches? If you neither increased nor decreased I do not see any other option than that your tension has changed during the project. Do you have picture of the project?

As it is a blanket, it will still be warm and useful despite not being perfectly square. I know I would have difficulties to make a decision myself if I was in your situation.


Yes I still have the same amount of stitches & the more I look at it I can see the tension has to be the problem. I started to get rushed that might have been when I did it. I laid it out on my sofa to show if you look at the seat part of the sofa you can see how bad it is. Then I made the bigger mistake by listening to 2 people saying “it looks good it’s not too bad” and I cast off!!! And now what do I do I’ve never been in this situation in 45 years of knitting lol


Really lovely blanket! Have you washed and blocked it yet? The increase seems gradual enough that it might be corrected by blocking.
What is the yarn that you used?


Thank you so much. I used Bernat Blanket yarn. I LOVE IT!!! No I haven’t tried washing & blocking yet figured it was a lost cause. I just figured I would go the experts for advice. I will give that a try. But if all else fails & I do have to re-do I have a nice warm irregular blanket for myself.

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I’ve done this on sweater front bands that don’t line up: run a strand of yarn through the long side/end and tighten it up. I feel your pain, but the blanket is beautiful!


I think it looks really good!!! Maybe you could try to stretch out the shorter end. But honestly, I’ve made about 100 lap blankets and wedding afghans and if u stretch out the narrow end and see how it looks I think it will be fine.
I took a closer look at the picture and on the left side, the border has folded up at the bottom and I think that’s what makes it appear “worse” than it actually is. Straighten the border out and gently stretch out the narrower end. It’s a beautiful piece and you should be proud of your work!!!

Great job,

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Thank you I definitely put my heart into this one, it’s for my best friend

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Thank you & you might be right I just don’t know lol. Even when my husband folded it in half & held it up it looked “off” but again the edges were folded up. Willing to start with your suggestion before I start all over again…that took me about a month maybe 6 weeks to complete. I have a bad arm/hand makes it hard to work too long at one time.

Thank you all for your support & suggestions!! It means a lot to me & it’s so nice to know others are willing to help. I’m going to start working on it to see what I can do. Will repost after trying. Thanks again!! Happy knitting


I think your friend will still love it even though it’s not perfect in your eyes.
I made a blanket for friends and didn’t think it was that great, either - I had wanted to make it bigger, but I couldn’t find any other yarns that looked right with it (it was made up of different squares in chunky and Aran). It was also a little lopsided here and there, so my mum added a crochet border which helped a bit. The friends loved it!

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Hello again!

I wanted to add that your friend will probably LOVE it, simply because you made it!! Also, your eyes are generally the only ones who can pick out the errors and faults with your own work. Others rarely notice mistakes, especially if they aren’t crafters themselves.

Keep up the good work! (and could u share the name of this pattern? I’d like to try it)



Hello again!!

You’re right I am my worst critic, it doesn’t help I’m just a little OCD lol.

When I was trying to decide which pattern to make I must have gone through at least 50 different ones. Then I got to down to just 2…one was because I liked the color design & the other I liked the pattern. So I went with “Effortless (lol) Cherry Wine Afghan” pattern but used the color design from " Hiberknit Knit Blanket".

Here’s where my OCD comes in…the Hiberknit original design states to start with 40 rows of the MC but at the other end of the blanket it says to complete it with 90 rows of the MC. That would have drove me crazy!!
The Cherry Wine uses a 16 row repeat pattern. So I changed it to 80 rows on both ends.

If you are thinking of making this in different colors & are interested in the number of rows I did for each color let me know. I just wanted it to be symmetrical ( or I have a bad case of OCD LOL)

Thank you for all your support. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


Thanks for the name!! If I do use this pattern, I will go with a solid color throughout, since I don’t like to weave in ends very much. I like how the diamonds show up!!! Also, how many stitches did u cast on at the beginning??


I am a beginner-ish knitter, but I have observed that cotton does not seem as forgiving, tension-wise, as is wool. It seems like wool is more elastic and so it does not demand as strict and even a tension as does cotton. It seems to me that I cannot hide any tension irregularity with cotton, where as with wool, I can tease it a bit into the shape I want.

With regards to this truly lovely blanket, it is not in any way diminished by the slight difference in width from start to finish, it has character, and is personalized by your knitting, for your friend!


Have you blocked it yet? Since you have the right number of stitches, blocking would probably even it out. Yes, even with a 3" difference.

I cast on 104 stitches I followed everything with the pattern except the changes to make it longer & more symmetrical. Can’t wait to see yours. I have 3 more with different patterns on the back burner.

When you block it, just pin the short side out to 3" more. Very few projects are perfectly symmetrical before blocking.You should see my first scarf.

One thing is that you should NEVER ever give this blanket or show pics of it until it is washed and dried! That is such poor manners!

Everything you knit MUST be washed and dried to look it’s best. I know you used acrylic (please stop!) but it still should be washed. It will change a little, and normally, will always look so much better.

Whenever making anything that should have square corners, it never looks good when first knit. It needs to ‘relax’ into position, which is why you wash it. All the stitches will even themselves out, and lay flat, and corners will be square – when knit properly! But don’t show this to anyone until you have finally done the last step – washing it!!!

It works much better with wool or cotton, or any other fibre. But acrylics don’t change much, and really never look good [my opinion only], and you should use proper yarns for best results.

The only manners I am able to complain about is yours. @Campinggirl did nothing wrong by posting here to ask advice before doing something to her blanket. This forum is for asking advice and we should be thankful for @Campinggirl question.