Don't know if Ravelry is normally like this or not

2 weeks ago I sent a couple of messages to fellow knitters on but I haven’t heard back from either of them yet. One of them was asking if her yarn is still available and the other was about one of her knitting patterns on her blog.

Does it normally take this long to hear back from messages sent on ravelry??? When I post HERE, I usually hear from someone within the same day.

Just wondering what to do…


They may not be on ravelry much or could be on vacation. Try again. Most pms I’ve sent had replies within a couple of days.

There was one time that I didn’t hear back from the lady at all. Ya know…ya never know what happens to folks. If they are very ill, had a car crash, or if they died! If I died, not one single person in my family would think to check my Ravelry! So there it would sit with dozens of messages left unanswered.

Most of the time, you hear back from a person inside a week. Some folks don’t check-in to their Ravelry on a daily basis. I’ve set up my Ravelry messages settings so that I get the message on my email, and it boots to my smartphone. I can read the entire message, but to answer it I have to click the link and I’m booted over to my Ravelry messages.

With regards to Facebook…I only look at my FB once or twice a month. My bad, I guess. :blush: But I have my settings set up so that I get a notification about stuff that’s going on with my friends. Mostly they post very mundane stuff. With my adult kids, I’m really quite shocked at what they chose to share. It’s insane.

Two weeks is a long time. I say go ahead and send another message.
They may have their accounts set up the way mine is, which reminds me that I need to figure out how to change that! When I get a message on Rav there is a tiny little envelope in the far right corner. Most of the time it sits there a few days before I notice it. I think it may be the default setting, because I don’t remember specifying that when I got my account.
I’ve also noticed that some people who use a lot of social media can become a bit nonchalant about returning messages, especially if they no longer have the yarn etc. These days people have hundreds of Facebook friends and tons of messages and emails and its easy to forget to send a message to someone you don’t know. It’s not rudeness on their part, just forgetfulness or busyness. If you send another message maybe that’ll remind them they meant to message you back.
Craigslist etiquette is like that. No one seems to email back if they no longer have the item, or they are a bit terse when they do.
ETA: I have this problem with a yarn store that carries one of my favorite yarns. Seriously, they will go two or three weeks without responding to online order submissions or emails. I have to call them. But when I do, they are so nice and I get the feeling they aren’t big internet people, which I understand. They do mail orders out quickly though, once I get them on the phone.

The envelope in the corner to indicate a message is the default, I don’t think you can change it. But not everyone checks in all the time. I spend weekends at my sweetie’s place, and I do log in on his computer, but don’t spend near as much time online as when I’m at home. I do try to respond to messages though, and replies to my posts in the forums.

I know of people who rarely check Rav. :shrug:

Chalk me up as one of those who rarely check Ravelry anymore. It seemed great in the beginning and I really liked it, but it quickly became overwhelming for me. Too many groups and too much snarkiness. With 2 young boys I do not have the time for all that. If you sent me a message you’d be lucky if I replied in 2 months…
Personally I wouldn’t count on a reply.

Some of us (well mostly ME) just come in check forum and look at patterns. I hardly ever read the top of the page. If I do get messages, I probably won’t know for who knows how long.