Don't know how to finish baby blanket

As a soon to be first time grandma I picked up some needles, cast on four stitches, then for 60 rows I knit 2, knit front and back, knit til the end. Now I’ve got a big triangle and I don’t know how to make a square blanket. In other words…I’m stuck and shower is next week. Any pearls of wisdom for a new knitter? Thanks in advance!

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The blanket looks wonderful, such pretty colors. If the blanket is the size you’d like, you could knit 2, k 2 together at the beginning of every row to finish the square.

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Thank you for your reply! Do you think that would retain the same look? There is almost a little boarder around the blanket that was the result of job. I’m concerned about losing that look.

Oops, spellcheck…not job but kfb

Well, it won’t look exactly like the kfb because it’s a decrease but it’ll form it’s own pattern. As long as you maintain the 2 stitch border you should be ok.
To see what it will look like, cast on about 16 sts with scrap yarn and work the k2, k2tog at the beginning of each row. See if you like the look.

Thank you. Will do! It will be better than half a blankie! Gosh, I have to learn to read patterns and invest my time into something tried and true instead of rushing in with no exit strategy. Haha Thanks again.

I’m also a going to be a first time grandma come October! I’ve knit a couple little hats and working on a little sweater now. Your blanket is going to be beautiful! :slight_smile: That is actually a pattern for both blankets and dishcloths. :slight_smile:

I’ll post what I have of the sweater in What’cha Knitting June 2017 in a little while. :slight_smile:

Hi Jan, congratulations to you. Isn’t it exciting? I’ve knit two hats and a little bunny. I guess I started knitting this blanket like this cause I do make lots of dishcloths but increase with the yarn over method and then decrease by k2tog on either side of the yarn over.
I just didn’t know if I should do a similar k2tog, kfb, k2tog OR just do as the other person said. Going to try a sample to see what works best.
This is a great site! Nice people!

The dishcloth method will work, but you’d get the eyelets you might not want when you did a kfb increase. I like the way your border looks. (Also, hi and welcome!)

Thanks Becky, trying a couple of different decreases with some scrap yarn. Nothing seems to be giving me the same boarder. The shower is next week. Yipes…or maybe it will be a gift when grandbaby comes home. Haha

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I would knit 2 then knit in front and back ( keeping up the pattern) then knit 2 together then carry on with pattern. Do this at the beginning of each row and you’ll find it will decrease to the size you want.

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That doesn’t decrease though because you’re increase by one on kfb then decrease by one on k2tog. You’d need to do two k2tog.

@Cheri_S0206 Because of the way KFB increases you might want to try knitting 3 then k2tog and see if that looks more like what the other side looks like.

Yes you are right this will do a decrease. Sorry I didn’t think it through. It’s a beautiful pattern and I like your wool.