Don't hate me...or my friend

My friend with the mega stash of yarn (she’s been knitting for over 10 years), gave me a big bag of yarn she wasn’t going to use.


Some people are soooooooooo lucky! pout

not just shredded wheat…shredded wheat AND bran!!

whatta great friend!! :wink:

Well we’ll know where you’ll be when you’re knitting!! :wink:


I had to quick take the picture because my son was making a beeline for that cereal box :shock:

So i guess the friend doesn’t merit distain or hatred since she doesn’t seem to have the Shredded Wheat anymore…

That only leaves you :wink:


Perhaps I should have taken a picture of what happened to the box after my son reached it. Shredded Wheats everywhere!!

Aaaahhhh hahahahaha! :roflhard: