Don't Forget!

Turn your clocks back tonight! :wink:


Thanks Ingrid! I never remember to do that untill it is too late :rollseyes:
Sadly my dh isn’t much better about it :roflhard:

I’m so glad my computer does it for me!

So are we saving daylight now or were we saving it before? I can never figure it out.

Here, in Indiana, we don’t turn our clocks back this weekend, b/c then all of our cows would be confused.

Next year, it’s “forget the cows, Spring ahead and Fall Back!” (Finally!)

I’ve often wondered about that. Suppose you live in a town near the border–how confusing is it? I guess you adapt, they way you would when you live near a time zone change. :thinking:

I’ve wondered about living on the edge of a timezone too. It seems strange - you drive over the state line and have to change your clock. I guess you’d have to take the time difference into account.

It has taken a bit of getting used to, since I grew up in states that observed daylight savings time.

Indiana has decided to start observing daylight savings time, after about 30 years of arguing about it. But Indiana is in a peculiar situation, b/c you have towns like Gary, that’s essentially an extension of Chicago, so it makes more sense for them to be on Central time. Then the towns near Cincinnati should be on Eastern time (and they’ve illegally been observing DST for awhile now anyway. Indianapolis has decided it would like to remain Eastern, so all of the surrounding counties have decided to go Eastern as well. It has the potential for being rather messy. But we’ll see next year when we have to go around and change our clocks. OMG, what a pain that will be :rollseyes:

Changing the clocks is nothing compared to having to figure out what time it is somewhere else! But I imagine it has it’s advantages–if there’s a meeting you want to miss, you always have an excuse! :wink:

oooh. thanks for the reminder, Ingrid! I forgot.

:smiley: Thanks for reminding my computer, Ingy :wink:

I grew up in a town next to Gary and we always changed our clocks. But it was always a pain trying to remember what time the rest of Indiana was on. My sister lives in Indy and not only was I in a different time zone as her, but we changed our clocks so I couldn’t remember if she was on the same time as me or an hour ahead. Now, living in Michigan, I’m in the the same time zone as her but can’t remember if she’s on the same time as me or an hour behind.

I’m so excited to hear that Indiana will be changing their clocks next year! Hopefully it won’t be so hard to remember what time it is there. :smiley:

Hawaii does not change theirs either…it’s always confusing to me when we go there. My car does not know any difference though, it is on daylight savings time year round!!! :smiley:

pat…still waiting anxiously for November 26!