Don't forget why you started knitting!

I’ve been knitting now for about 3 years, learning the stitches and techniques. I started out making those furry scarves that were all the rage last year. I think I sold about 30 of them! Now, I am sick of making those, and I completely ignore the eyelash yarn section at the craft store.

Recently, I started knitting the “Irish Hiking Scarf”, and it was so satisfying to see the cables and texture of the yarn. Yesterday, I was at a restaurant, waiting for my husband to get there (he was driving from work). I was sitting on a bench at the front of the restaurant, working on my scarf, and several people came over and talked to me about my knitting. They were impressed with the cables and texture too.

Then it struck me…THIS is the kind of knitting I always wanted to learn. THIS is the reason I started knitting in the first place!

So…I think I should make a decision to continue pursuing the “textural” patterns, since that’s what gives me the most satisfaction. Following trends and “new” yarns has gotten me sidetracked. Time to get back to what I really want.

Absolutely! If you don’t love what you’re making, what’s the point?

Here here!! :cheering:

I just love that this “craft” can still have new discoveries (or re-discoveries) to it even after doing it for some time.

Good for you! And thanks for the reminder!

Sometimes I knit something to try a new yarn or technique…sometimes I just knit because I want or need something, or because I want to give a gift…but, I NEVER want to feel “stuck” or tired of it.

If I don’t like what I’m knitting…I don’t knit it :smiley: I won’t even if it’s a gift bc I don’t give gifts that I don’t like :wink: I knit bc I enjoy it, I knit bc it helps me keep my mind off of pain from my disability…I knit for the JOY OF KNITTING :smiley:

That’s very interesting… wow you sold about 30 scarves!? I want to sell stuff this summer but I was working really hard on that for 2 weeks, then all of a sudden I just went back to making things for me! Ha. We’ll see.

I want to learn to knit visually as that one book out puts it. I mean just creating something without a pattern in front of me. That’s a long term goal I guess.

I woke up the other morning and I suddenly saw exactly what I want to make and it’s not in any book so that’s fun.


Yes, this was something that occurred to me, too. I have to love what I’m knitting, whether it’s for me or for someone else. I mean, this is my hobby, not my job & anything I pursue in my off-time, I’m going to love. For me, I’ve probably tried at least 5 new things since this year started (part of me being more fearless where knitting is concerned) & everything has been enjoyable.

:smiley: Vic, what is this new thing that you want to knit?!

I started knitting to take away my stress… something to do when the kids were in bed so I could unwind… so when I do a project that makes me wanna pull my hair out or throw the needles out I wonder why I’m doing it… cause its not helping me unwind at all :rollseyes:

I have to love what I’m knitting, or believe that the person it’s for will love it. For example, I didn’t love the sweater I just finished for my DS, but I loved making it because it was from the pictures he drew and I was very happy making exactly what he wanted.
I spend enough time every day doing a job I don’t like; I’d go nuts if I didn’t enjoy the process of my knitting.

Oh thanks for asking Rebecca! Well, it might sound strange but I want to use big needles and do really simple squares, um, a light weight lacyish
sweater sort of, but extremely simple then using a big (probably) crochet hook crochet the pieces together with a different color yarn. Kind of like when designers make a piece of clothing and the seams look raw…

I kind of want to just knit up some big squares and see if you can turn that into a top… know what I mean? Will take some experimention.

Ha. There you go… who knows what it’ll look like


Yeah. I started out by making one of those scarves, and giving it to my mother. She wore it to church (HUGE church :shock: thousands of members), and received several requests. She wore it to work and got even more orders.

She called me that night and asked if I could make some. I agreed, and went to the store to buy more eyelash yarn. :wink:

I decided to send a couple to my husband’s work, and got some orders from him too. :happydance:

I was working on one while we waited for our order at IHOP one night, and got two orders from the waitresses. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, I was a very busy knitter for several weeks. I charged $15 for each scarf ($20 if the yarn was nicer). I think I sold about 30 of them…but it was probably more like 40 or 50. My hands were starting to cramp from all the stitching! :help:

The money was great, but the work became a drag. Some people would make requests like, “Oh make mine Vanilla with Silver Flecks” or “My daughter wants one in Purple, Red and Yellow”. Matching those requests was really hard sometimes, and required too much time in the yarn store. I started to feel that the money wasn’t worth it. :wall:

So, I quit taking orders and started knitting MY OWN requests instead.

WTG, Vic :smiley: !! I have actually seen a type of pattern for something kind of similar, but not lacey like you have mentioned…can’t wait to see it :smiley: