Don't forget these two things

Although I do read the posts here, which I find amusing, helpful and everything in between, I don’t often post. But today I am… I am working on a pattern called Berlin Soft by Meiju K-P. It is a beautiful cable cardigan, knitted top down. It is the most complex pattern I have ever knitted in my 6/7 years of knitting… I had to reach out to Meiju once for help and she was very prompt and helpful, which, in my limited experience, isn’t always the case. I have learned two things that I will always do in the future. (1) do the swatches recommended by the designer, and (2) read each section BEFORE you knit it… I always do the basic swatches to help gauge the stitches and the ‘feel’ of the yarn I am using for the project I am knitting, but not the ones recommended for the lace/ cable patterns. This time I did do it as I was trying to figure out the stitch changes in one of the cable patterns. And as I do the side increases, I am glad I did. :wink: As for reading the sections through before I start knitting them, today it saved my sanity as I am almost ready to add the pockets. These pockets are part of the front, with a liner added at the end. :open_mouth:. It took some time to figure out how to do this and not mess up the cables, but I have it now and a proper plan on how to proceed… So add those two “to do” things to your project. I truly believe it will help… It is paying off for me in reduced rip outs and my sanity…:joy: Happy Thanksgiving to our US knitting friends and to all, be well and stay safe…:hugs:


Not simple but just gorgeous cable work. Spurs, you always knit the loveliest sweaters.

Thanks for the helpful tips. Anything to maintain sanity among us is all to the good.

Ohhhhhh. I love that. Have been looking for something just like that. I have a few WIPs to get off the needles and a brand new wooly board so I’m keen to get my sweaters ready. Would like to think more about this. What yarn did you use.

Also: errrrr knitters. Do I have to include sock WIPs in the count? If not, I can allow myself to Indulge here. I think I have some stash yarn though this would need a good bit of yardage eh?

Thank you! It’s knitted on the round and the body is done. Thanks to Salmonmac’s help I have made it through the beginning of the first sleeve…:grin: It truly is a lovely pattern. Although I warn you, use lots of stitch holders for the cables and sticky tape to keep you on track! :wink: I am using Mary Maxim Woodlands worsted yarn in Beige Heather. It’s 90% acrylic and 10% alpaca, which makes the care easier, although I still recommend washing on a gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.
The yarn is in 100 gram (200 yards) balls and I’ve bought 10 for the medium size. I am down to 4 and I hope there is enough to do both sleeves and the collar/front button band. :crossed_fingers: I didn’t realize the cables used so much yarn! Hopefully it will not take too much longer as I still have a few other items to do for Christmas… Once the insanity of Christmas knitting is done I may knit one for myself. I hope you enjoy the knit when you get to it…:grin: