Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting

Does anyone have this book? What do you think of it? Is it worth buying? I’ve got my basics down now. I really only want it for the felted lamb pattern.

Edited to say that my library does not have this available at all. They do, however, have 7 books waiting for me today! All knitting, of course. I cannot wait to go pick them up after work!!! :happydance:

Since you have so many books waiting for you and you only want a sheep, why not take a look for these Fiber Trend sheep.

:heart: Love them! Thank you!

I have the book, we actually ran across it in FL over Christmas at a discount book shop…got it for $6!! I love it

That is the same exact pattern that is in the book (I have it and bought it only for that pattern).

I bought it used from Amazon, but I bought it for the lamb pattern, too. :lol: I’ve used it a few times for other things like technique or stitch patterns.

Encyclopedia of Knitting

thanks for posting this question–I’ve been wondering about this book…I see it at Michaels everytime I go and flip through it just a little bit…

Cristy - I will check our Michael’s and see if they have it there! Good idea. That way I can at least flip through it and see if there is anything else that I like in it! For some reason I kept thinking I would have to order it online. I don’t know why I was stuck on that thought…

Those sheep are just too darn cute.

And watch for those 40% or 50% off coupons too! I got mine at Joann’s that way.