DONE with 'em (Options)

I know, everyone here is ecstatic about them, but I’m fed up! Three of my four cables have now come undone from the connector part. I’m sick of it! I wasted about an hour last night getting the stitches back on, realigned, recounted, etc. I called last week about the first two to break and they’re supposedly shipping out the replacement cables, but come on…I don’t want to have to put a life line in just because I can’t trust my needles! I don’t need this to worry about. Yeah, they may be nice to knit with being nickel and all, but the quality of them SUCKS! You think they could stick a drop of glue in them themselves instead of waiting for us to get them, break them and do it ourselves. I’ve been using them for 13 days. I’m within my 30 day return policy, but I lose the $10 extra my husband paid for fast shipping. Ugh. I guess there’s a $10 lesson I learned the hard way!

I really thought it wasn’t that big of deal. I’ve heard that they do break and all, but there was SO many good comments on them I figured it was worth it. I can’t believe after selling so many of them and replacing so many peoples’ as they obviously do, that they’d get smart and bump up the quality. I think they’ve done just the opposite and they’ve gone downhill. Ugh. What a nightmare.

/Rant over. I just had to vent! I’m ordering Denise’s later today.


I’ve never had any trouble with mine (knock on wood). I’m sorry you aren’t happy. The Denise needles are quite different. I hope you like them!:hug:

Huh. I’ve heard so many people say this about their Options and it really does make me think twice about getting them. I have the Denise set and I’ve had no problem with the cable coming undone, but I still really would like something with a thinner cable… I guess we always want what we don’t have, huh?

I haven’t had a problem, either. I’m sorry they haven’t worked out for you.

I love my options and have not had a problem with them. Sorry you do!:knitting:

Two of my cables came undone when I first got them. About 10 minutes and a couple drops of super glue and I have never had a problem since, well over a year now. Yes, it is a little aggrevating when it happens, but if you just fix it and move on they are definatly worth it, at least in my opinion. I recently started doing magic loop with them and was worried about the stress on the joins, but no problems.

I understand you’re frustration. When you buy something you expect it to be right and its worse when it makes extra work for you. Sorry you’ve been unhappy with them.:hair:

Just be forewarned, the reason I ordered my Options is because the Denise came apart so very often. I NEVER made a project with them that the needle and cable didn’t seperate at least once and frequently it was several times.

I’m on my second sweater with my Options and haven’t had a break yet.

I’m sorry you are having such a difficulty time.

Two of mine have come off. I used Zap-a-Gap, special kind of superglue for fishermen. They held about a week. Fortunately, KP replaced them, but I get very nervous that they are going to break again. I don’t use them for any project that might put weight on the cables, such as sweaters in the round or afghans.

Sigh, I don’t know, there are problems with my Boye set too. I guess you just choose your poison

I am sorry you’ve had such problems with them! I like mine, but honestly, if I were in your shoes I’d be thinking the same thing.

I do have the Denise set, and for the record, I like them just as much (if not more) than my Options. They are SOO, so easy to put together, and much more versatile as far as the lengths you can make (plus the endcaps for flexible needles of course). They’re quiet, and warmer than metal too. And I have done magic loop with them too :teehee:it was a bit bulky, but it’ll work :p. Also, they come with more tips (sizes 5-15 instead of 4-11). Okay, only one more, but still! And I love how organized the case is-I really dislike the Options case! I only bought the Options because I couldn’t afford all the Addis I wanted :mrgreen:

And my Denises have never come apart in a project.

Anyway, I really hope you are happy with your Denises-good luck!

This disturbs me cause I my dh just bought both sets of options for me. If they fall apart we will both be pi$$ed. To me if they need to be glued together then knitpicks should add a little glue before selling them. just crossing my fingers and hoping mine will stay together…

Been using mine almost daily for 9 months with no problems at all. There have been only two times that I recall that they started to unscrew: once when I was doing a huge cable that was putting a lot of torque on the needle and once when I tried to cheat and not use the little tightening key.

I have never had the problem some have had with the cable actually popping out of its socket.

I’ve been debating on buying these things or not. I have so many circs now i just don’t know if i need them or not. I am the kind of person who wants something i paid for to work, if i can fix it or not i don’t care if i paid for it i don’t feel i should have to fix it. So I totally understand why you say your done with them.

I am sorry you don’t like them. I, also, understand that can be frustrating :hug: I purchased a Denise set this weekend and I LOVE them. :knitting:

Are they charging you for delivery of replacements? :??
I had long past the 30 day mark when I discovered that one hole in the metal cap on the cord was too small for the pin thingy for tightening to fit. I emailed them the best guess as to when I had actually ordered my Options and without question, I got an email telling me when the replacement was being sent out.
Even though they seem to always send replacements, based on what I have read here, I am kinda surprised that they don’t make mention of it publicly. It doesn’t seem that the problems have stopped, again based on what people report here. But I would feel totally like you do now having gotten a set so recently and the problems that have gone on for a while don’t seem to be stopping.
I hope things work out for you in the long run ! :thumbsup:

I think I understand how you feel. I’m having problems at the moment with a defective 40" Options cable, and also with the replacement cables they sent. I don’t understand why they can’t get these quality issues under control. I guess it costs them less to send out replacements endlessly, than to correct the manufacturing problems. Still, overall I’m happy with my Options. I love knitting with them, and have never had a problem until now. I like them better than Addis because of the sharper tips, and much better than Denise because they’re so fast.
I hope you find a set of needles you enjoy using. Knitting should be fun!

I’ve been using mine for over a year and have not had any problems. I hope you find some needles that you are happy with.

I’ve been thinking about it all day. I haven’t touched my knitting either. I’m so afraid of it falling apart again. I did glue one of the cables, but I’m frustrated. I just think it’s really sad that they can’t do that themselves. I don’t want to wait past my 30 day return so I need to make the decision this week. This is stressing me out and I don’t like that :frowning:

It is a sweater in the round, by the way, my first…I had no idea that it would be too much on the needles. I like to make big things so I can’t imagine what would happen with an afghan or when I’m further along on the sweater. If the needles aren’t made for holding a whole item, they should tell you that.


I’m so sorry that happened, that is so frustrating! I don’t have an Options set, but I do have a Boye and Denise set. There was only one time one of my Boye cables came unscrewed and that was because I was too lazy to dig out the tightening pin and do it correctly…lol…I make sure to use the tightening pin every time now, and, I haven’t had any problems since. My Denise set, however, is a different story. While I still really like the Denise set and use it often, I have had the cables come off, more than once, right in the middle of a project. I have made it a habit now, when using my Denise set, to make sure the cables are secure as I’m knitting. The first time it happened, I had no idea what happened until more and more stitches fell off…Grr!

The thing is they should hold a sweater!! Why buy cirs if you are only going to make something small? I’m really going to check mine when they get here. If they’re junk i’m returning them and getting something else.