Done my gloves

I finished my gloves and I think their really cool. I did make two but I didn’t think I needed to show both.:knitting:

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Your gloves look fantastic. Beautiful work and lovely color yarn. Which yarn did you use?

Thanks, I used Pulskien Double Knit, this brand is South African and double knit in South Africa is different.

How is double knit different in South Africa?

Which part of South Africa do you live in? My husband was born there and lived there until he was 8. I have been there several times with him and the family has been on a trip to the Krueger.

Well done on the gloves.


it’s “elle pullskein double knit” but i couldn’t find it on when i found it on ravelry, it doesn’t mention any big differences. it’s 100% acrylic. yarn sub says other elle products match up well in gauge/weight/feel with other worldwide brands so i’d think this one would too, in all- or mostly- acrylic yarns in dk/sport weights.

I live in Pietermaritzburg In Kwa-ZuluNatal area. My gran has a whole chart of the different needle and wool things and I’ve searched online if the double knit is the equivalent too something else I can’t remember but it is different.

Great gloves! The easiest way to compare yarns IMO is by the gauge. Some light worsted weights give me about the same gauge as I’d expect with a double knit. What is your gauge with this yarn on what size needles?

I used 3.25 mm double pointed needles and my gauge was 6 stitched per inch

That’s what I would expect from a dk (3) or even a light worsted (4) weight. I wonder what the difference in the S. African dk could be. :shrug: