Done like a dinner, without help

My huge knit-in-the-round pattern has finally got me.
I’ve reached the stage where I’ve done the lower part of the body: I now have 252 stitches, which I’ve separated off onto two different circular needles (don’t have a big enough holder), and the directions refer to either half. This is where I come to a dead halt:
"Using spare pieces of yarn, provisionally CO 34 stitches to each end of the needle, at both left and right sides of your work. With RS facing you, move the 34 CO sts from the left side of the needle to the right side, knit the first 3 CO stitches so there are 3 more stitches at the end of the RS row, turn to beging Row 1, leaving the rest of the CO sts in place."
I have NO IDEA how to do this. I’ve cast on the 34 sts at each end of one of the circular needles, and that’s as far as I can get. I can’t work out how to do the rest.
Can anyone help, please?

Is this starting sleeves? I’m lost but that info might help someone else.


[B]With RS facing you, move the 34 CO sts from the left side of the needle to the right side, [/B]
you now have all 68 provisionals on one end, you’re looking at the RS

[B]knit the first 3 CO stitches so there are 3 more stitches at the end of the RS row, [/B]
knit 3 more stitches on the completed row

[B]turn to beging Row 1, leaving the rest of the CO sts in place."[/B]
Turn, sort of like short rows, but the provisional cast on is what you’re ignoring, work the row in pattern with the three you just knit before turning making it 3 stitches longer.

Maybe? I’m guessing you knit 3 from the provisional cast on and turn when you get to the end.

Someone who knows something will tell you what it means, surely.

The thing is, I can’t make sense of which is the right and which the left.
I must assume the ‘RS’ in question is the RS of the half I’m trying to get started, as opposed to the other half, standing by for later work on the other needle.
So: I have all 68 on the [I]beginning [/I] end?
That’s where it all goes wrong for me. If I’m already at the beginning end, how do I “knit the first three sts so that there are 3 more sts at the end of the RS row”???
And if go the other way and have the 68 sts on the end of the row, that doesn’t make sense, either.
I’m going bonkers.

What I’m thinking:

Your working yarn is on your right needle. The provisional stitches are on the left needle. You can then knit 3 stitches onto the right needle before turning.

Half as clear as mud? I fear that if I were looking at it, it wouldn’t make sense to me at all. I’m undoubtedly missing something and had better bow out before I make things that much worse.

You will get it worked out!

Can’t get it, GG - sorry. My problem is that I’m using a circular needle and I just don’t know what’s meant by left or right.
And I can’t see any logic in the instructions.
The yarn has been cut: the directions telling me to “use spare pieces of yarn” for the CO at either end of the needle indicate as much.
I simply cannot make sense of the instructions; and, with regret, I have to admit to not being able to act on your advice.
I think I’ll go away and slit my wrists.

Did you use the same yarn as the sweater for casting on those new stitches? I took “Using spare pieces of yarn, provisionally CO 34 stitches” as meaning waste yarn for a provisional cast on like Provisional Crochet Cast-On or some other method, of which there are many. You cut the yarn but the tail would be at the end of the last row you worked and that was the right needle, was that a right side row?

Blood stains on yarn aren’t good. Someone here will be able to help. Is there anything at ravelry about how it’s done, maybe? I really don’t know how to use most of the features there so wouldn’t know how to find out. BTW I was thinking is all. For advice, you need someone who knows more than we do!

Good GRIEF! - I had no idea that such a thing existed!!!
I did wonder about the use of the word, but never did it occur to me to … well, look it up as a knitting term.
I’ll have a re-think.
Ravelry? - I’m not a member. I was, but in a forum therein I found such silly people that I lost my temper and cancelled out of everything.
I really do hate a silly person. I don’t mean someone who doesn’t [I]know [/I]something; but someone who is thoughtless, and leaps to conclusions without pondering for even a moment, thus arriving at a belief based on an empty head.
Waste yarn, eh? Provisional casting on …
There is obviously no end to what I have yet to learn, GG. You’re not on video Skype, are you …?

Video Skype? Nope. I think I could be now that I have an EVO Android phone that can go online even if I never get phone service with it. It has a camera! I use ravelry for looking at patterns, I did post a few times on one forum but that’s it. It’s too big, too intimidating, and too confusing for me. There’s a forum I thought of participating in but the knitting and crochet questions are all together it seems and you don’t know till you get there which it is. Silly can be fun in it’s place but sometimes silly really means someone doesn’t use the brain they were born with and that’s hard to abide.

I’ve decided I’m only going to knit until there’s nothing new for me to learn. The provisional cast on just happened to be one that I have learned already and the video I linked to is the only one I’ve used.

There is A WHOLE WORLD of provisional casting on out there!
One lot with a crochet hook (which would be less complicated, for me) and another with just a knitting needle, which looks much worse than learning to long-tail CO.
To think of my ignorance makes me blush.
But then I figure that it was simply a matter of lack of experience; and though I’ll be 70 in July, it’s never too late to be inexperienced!
Yer a hero, GG, and that’s a fact.

John Wayne impression Ah, schucks, little lady, t’weren’t nuthin’. :roflhard: You’re welcome. I’m glad it worked out that between us we maybe figured out what you need to know to soldier on. I’ve only learned one provisional cast on but the one Amy does with a cable looks like a good idea…if I could even get my head around it. One day I may. Provisional cast ons came up fairly often for a while just after I joined here and thus I was motivated to find out what they are and what they’re for. I finally figured out: They’re provisional cast ons because they provide a way to have live stitches to work from going both directions; for me they are a way to improvise too. Your pattern may call for Kitchener stitching (grafting) of those live stitches if indeed, as I suspect, they are for sleeves. If so, and you’re unfamiliar with it, ask here and someone can give you a link or links. Sometimes we really don’t need to bother our pretty little heads looking for things when someone else can tell us where to find it. (Amy has a Kitchener stitch video here I think.) Did I just say what I think I said? Oy! If some guy told me not bother my pretty little head I just might knock his pretty little head off! :mrgreen: I’m grateful that I’m still young enough to learn some of these things.

Oh my gosh, I had no idea you didn’t know about provisional cast on! I read this a while ago, but did t have time to answer yet. I use the PCO for several things. It’s very good for things with hems and other things like a scarf where you want the pattern to look the same on both ends and more. I use the crochet hook method.

Vell, dullinks …
I managed to create my two lots of PCO at either end; but I can tell you that it took me most of the afternoon to work out how to get them in the right position to enable me to knit the last three sts of one lot and then go back to start knitting on the WS.
I reckon I swapped all those ****ing stitches from one needle to another roughly ten times before I got 'em into the position that enabled me to proceed. Talk about Alice falling down the rabbit hole! - I thought I was going to continue swapping those sts for the rest of me days.
But I am now on my way with this first half. When I get to the second half, the scales may fall from my eyes and all will be clear.
Don’t hold yer breath but.

Good going Margie and GG!
You know, as I understand it, the designer might have saved a lot to to-ing and fro-ing if she had asked you to provisionally cast on 2 separate sets of 34sts each at the beginning of the RS row. You knit the first 3sts, turn to the WS, work the 3sts and continue with the body of the sweater. It’s giving you a 3 stitch transition from the body to the sleeve at the underarm.
The reason for the provisional cast on is probably clearer at the directions for Finishing. Maybe grafting the two sides of the sleeve together.

I love free patterns. They can be viewed by one and all. It’s easier to see what’s hanging up and why.

I really like this popover except for the high neck. Nevertheless I put it in my favorites on Ravelry. I also checked some of the projects. I saw one that said the designer was very helpful particularly with the divide which is where you are. I wonder if the neck could be changed…hm…

Salmonmac, I agree wholeheartedly!: the creating of the PCOs at either end and then swapping one lot is plain silly. Well, now that I actually understand what they are …
But that wasn’t the real problem: it was that I never seemed to be in the right position to be able to … ahh … [I]get at[/I] the three last of the ‘nearest’ PCOs to knit 'em, so as to be able to turn around and start patterning again on the WS. And now I’ve put it out of my head until I have to start this tricky business again for the other half; for if I tried to keep it in my head for that occasion, I really would go bonkers. More bonkers.
I also agree wholeheartedly with the grumpy one: had this one been a free pattern, I reckon you lot would’ve solved it for me in five minutes.
But Jan, as to how the designer is helpful - dunno about that, mate. This is a pattern for a very experienced knitter, and in fact that description needs to be elucidated: this pattern is for someone who’s Done It All, basically. I may’ve been knitting, on and off, for well over thirty years, but what I’ve knitted has never required comprehension of anything other than the basics. And I never realised!
Sighh …

I actually did do a provisional cast on for one sweater I did, but I couldn’t help with this one because I’m no help because I find it easier if I’m 1. in the process myself or 2. being in a class and having someone tell me what’s going on when the instructions are unusual while I’m doing it. Sigh…wish I could help you!

I still like the idea of this sweater, but would prefer a lower neck or looser drapey neck.

[B][SIZE=“4”] :slight_smile: [COLOR=“Magenta”]the grumpy one [/COLOR] :slight_smile: [/SIZE][/B]

I have decided that you laugh too much for a grumpy person.
Kindly stop doing it immediately, and be grumpy, OK?