I was just sitting here thinking about what a great and FREE resource KH is, and I was wondering if Knitting Help accepts donations. I’d love to help out a little if I can.

You can shop at KH’s store to help and click on an ad on this site if you plan on ordering or even if just window shopping. The more revenue advertisers make from this site the more likely they are to continue to buy advertising space.
Click on the stash button for advertisers who pay to have their ads always available.

that’s true…everytime I buy from knitpicks I go from this website.

I will pass your question on to the forum owners and see if they have something in place for donations that I might not know about. :thumbsup:

Yeah, that would be cool–if we could donate through PayPal to help pay for server costs or something like that. I don’t mind clicking through on the ads though!

Good point! I have ordered a few items through the KH store. I’ll try to remember to go to KnitPicks through this site when I order.