Donations Looking for a Charity


We were donating to an organization who gave to nursing homes, hospitals and those in wheelchairs. Not all in our group knit, crochet or sew so some are store bought but still cute. (we don’t say no to anyone wishing to help out). We have lapghans (a couple with ties for little girls in wheelchairs), scarves (adult & child), hats (adult & child), some are matching sets, shawls for both men and women as well as materials to make many more as well as wheelchair/walker totes and slippers. We were ready to send them to the organization and it had disappeared. Now we have items looking for a home. I have contacted local nursing homes, hospitals, churches, homeless shelters, none of whom seem interested in accepting any donated items. If you are an organization looking for donations we have items looking for a home to love them and can continue to donate items in the future. Please contact me. Thank you


Have you tried a local hospice, social services, or even a church outreach. My church started a knitting group when donations slowed down. I think with the economy being what it is groups should be excited to receive donations. If you can’t find anything local PM me.


HI…not sure when this was posted, but I will respond anyway…yes, I/we do have a local donation group…Hats, scarves and blankets…Warm Hands,Warm Hearts. We donate to local hospitals and there is a children’s shelter too…If you are interested, pm me I will send you an address…Thanks for all you do too!!:muah:


Trying to answer both of you but won’t let me. Just realized it says I must have 2 posts before I can PM anyone so hope this counts as the second one.


pm’d you!!!


Hi my dad joined to cars4causes. This is the charity that gives to charities. Try to read their site if you are interested.


Care Wear volunteers donate handmade items (and I’m sure store bought donations too) to hospitals etc. in your local area. They have a comprehensive list of places to donate to as well as the items needed by each place. Take a look at their list and see if it is helpful. It’s a great organization.


Hello! I may be too late for this posting, but if you are looking for places to donate, I have a nonprofit and we knit for local domestic violence shelters, animal shelters, and international human rights refugees. If you would like to knit with us, you can see what we’re knitting and doing at Thanks for posting!