Donating yarn!

A friend of mine contacted me about some yarn her grandmother had. She has about 5 tupperware containers filled with yarn that she wants to find a place to donate. There is way too much to mail. She lives in Fredericksburg, VA.

Does anyone know of a place around that area that would be interested in this yarn to use for other project? Or does anyone know of some good places to go where I can research donating yarn?



See if this will help Maybe you can find a group that would pick it up and use it for a good cause.

I found a couple of local charity knitting groups using my zip code

Thank you so much! That will give me a place to start! I also thought about calling the LYS to see if they know of any places too!


Another place to check is your local jail or prison. A lot of them have knitting ministries where they teach inmates to knit.

Also, maybe local churches. Some of them have prayer shawl ministries. I’m sure some of the older people who knit are on fixed incomes and would love to be given the materials to knit with.

Don’t forget the nursing homes and assisted living homes. There are a lot of women and maybe a few men in these homes that love to knit or crochet but don’t have the means by which to get yarn. I’m sure a few might be very appreciative to receive a gift of yarn.