Donating to a charity auction

Hi all - Our church is having a charity auction, and I decided to donate one of the log cabin blankets I made for fun but never found a home for. I posted the picture here:

It’s about 40" x 48", and is made out of worsted yarn, from Michaels (Loops & Threads, except the teal is Red Heart Soft). In the picture, it looks like the dark color is black, but it’s actually brown.

My question is, I need to tell them the value of it and the starting bid. I have NO idea what to tell them. I’m guessing that the yarn itself cost around $30-35, and then of course, there is my time (invaluable!!) Any suggestions?

I can haz pattern, pl0x? the pdf link in the other thread is defunct. :frowning:

A general rule of thumb for many crafts is 3x the amount you paid for supplies…so around $100? That, of course, doesn’t cover much for your time when talking about knitting! But it might give you a ballpark figure to work from.

I would also check to make sure that it’s okay to make profit from it. I know it’s not you and it is charity, but some pattern writers are super picky.

Noob…it’s in the book Mason Dixon Knitting. Worth getting IMHO, but you could try the library.

Here’s some free versions that are similar.

Moderne Log Cabin